Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Blog for Keeping Our Family History Research

I finally figured out what I want to do with this blog.  Working on our Family Tree, I realized that I needed someplace to keep not only the photos and stories of our ancestors, but also the research trails I'm following.  While has been so helpful, there are quite a few mistakes on it, I found several on my genealogies as I was reviewing them.  This is where my problem came in- How do I make other researchers aware of the errors?  How do I connect with other's researching the same families and open discussions, share information.  How do I share the story of how we were almost related to George Washington, Pocahantas and Lady Jane Grey. But aren't although there are those who still claim we are. This blog is my current answer.
I do not intend to put any information on living relations on this blog.  I encourage other family members to share their stories and let me know when my information is in error.  Also any photos, papers, etc that you may have to add to our Family Story are greatly appreciated. 
As I begin, I am having to learn all about blogs and widgets, etc; in the future I hope to have a timeline and maps detailing the when/where of our ancestors. The best way to keep up with the Family Tree as it grows is by becoming a subscriber in the column at right.
Lastly, this blog is for my children, that they will know something of history and our families place in it.