Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Document your Sources: A Math Lesson

Okay, so I planned this really cool blog entry about one of our ancestors who immigrated to America, but in order to tell the whole story- at least what we know of it- I needed to say something about the place he came from in England.  While looking at my tree on Ancestrydotcom, I realize the father I have listed for him died before he was born.  So the search began, luckily I was only one generation off, but that started another bruhaha over who this new father's wife was.  So here is what I'm dealing with in setting the ROSBURY family line straight.  Adrian Frye, Jr is first mentioned in America in 1663.  He is listed as being born in England and marries in 1669. That seems simple enough...
But wait... His fathers information is muddled up with his, and there are many researchers that say Adrian Sr, immigrated to America and Adrian Jr was born here.  To make matters worse, Adrian Jr had a son he named Adrian also.  So who came to America, Jr or Sr?
I have also found mistakes for Adrian Sr's father Nicholas' wife.  I had her listed as Mary Brett with extensive research into her family going back at least 10 generations, but her dates were all wrong and didn't line up with her parents either, so I'm having to go back and start again searching for documentation as to who really was Nicholas' wife.
Anyway, I hope to be able to tell you very soon about our first family in America.