Sunday, November 18, 2012

Homemade Headstones-Mt Vernon Cemetary

A month ago we set up my mil's headstone.  It matches my fil's stone, mosaic granite, made by my husband.  He also made a set for his grandparents. If you look closely you can see that some of the pieces are etched.  Each of our children picked a piece of granite and etched something meaningful to them to add to the stone.
It was truly a labor of love.
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Walking through the cemetary, I noticed other homemade headstones and thought it might make a nice pictorial essay.  We often visit cemetaries when we are geocaching, so why not photograph the unique and unusual headstones.  I look at headstones the way I look at old photographs, wondering about the people they represent- what were they like, what were their hopes and dreams, who did they leave behind.
When I decided to start a family history blog, I thought this might be an interesting weekly post.  My photography skills are a bit rusty, but I expect to improve with practice.
This is the Mt Vernon Cemetary in Johnson County, Arkansas. Its out in the Ozark Hill country.

These markers are some of the simplest, concrete with pebbles, cement with drawn information, a wooden cross and welded metal.  Here is a welded  headstone:
I really like the use of the pebbles to make designs on these stones:
I also liked this vignette, that told me about the young girl buried here and her love of G-d and horses:
The most unusual headstone would be this literal stone-Obsidian?
The smaller stone has simple etching and the larger stone has some fancy lettering.  I love the thought that went into the stepped base with holes provided for flower vases.  this may be a grave for a mother and son, the smaller stone is for Esther but the larger stone mentions a "special boy".  Here's another view:
I love the thought and creativity that went into making these final tributes. Truly labors of love.